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Michal: great to see access has a place again in the blogs..
I was a participant on 2 access dev kitchen and definetly want to be a part of the next developer event like the one you had in vienna.


Hi Edwin,


Good to see you here as well!

the Vienna conference is not organized by Microsoft, but by a very passionate MVP.

This is a welcome initiative and we encourage Access fans from all around to world to organize similar events. If you are up for the challenge and would like to organize a small Access conference in Puerto Rico, we are happy to support you.


Best regards,


Could you add the LinkeIn.com Professional Microsoft Access Developers Network group to your list here?

- Mark Burns
yes I canas soon I upgrade myself in this new network
Muito obrigado



Next Access DevCon in Vienna, Austria will be on April 27/28, 2019. You'll see quite some familiar faces there, including mine. ;) 




como puedo cambiar la configuracion de la voz para hacerla mas lenta cuando activo la opcion de leer celdas
Michal, the link to SO could be updated to
or a 2019/365 tag could be created.
Or rather, the link could be adjusted to the generic:
What is the latest edition of access
2019 as a packaged (by once) product.
The subscription version is labelled 365.

Lastest Edition is 2019

Microsoft Access included with Microsoft Office 365 (the annual subscription) is the latest version, which has new major tools and features like the new Linked Table Manager, which are unavailable even in Access 2019 (the version of Access included with Office 2019 one-time purchase perpetual licenses). 


Office 365 will continue to get new tools, features and updated released monthly with Office 365, whereas Office 2019 will not, and will therefore fall farther behind.  There are also some Office 365 features (especially with Excel, etc. and cloud features) which were specifically excluded from Office 2019, even though available at the time of its release.

You can check out the new "The Twins Challenge: Office 365 vs. Office 2019 – which one will win? (Excel)" video – as just featured in the news today at GeekWire (where you can find the other series of Office 365 twin challenge videos) – for an excellent (and pretty funny) example of the many new features, with AI and otherwise, which will only ever be made available in Office 365, indicating why it makes the most sense to go with that subscription model for MS Office.

If you have Office 365, I suggest enabling "Office Insider" (as detailed here) under File > Account > Office Insider in Access (or any Office app) as described here for earlier beta (or actually more stable post-beta) access to the latest new Office 365 features, fixes and enhancements. You can select Level = "Insider" (for fastest access) or "Monthly (Targeted)" (for slower and potentially more stable access) when enabling / joining Office Insiders.


Soy McPegasus desde Valencia, Spain.





En España tenemos el próximo 8 de junio de 2019, ¡¡os esperamos!! ;)




Hello Michal,


Several users in Access UserVoice are upset because they have not seen any replies or status updates from the MS Access Team for more than one year! We want to know if the Access Team has abandoned using that forum which was setup by you so that we can provide ideas for new features, fixes, etc.