Views and triggers on MS Access database tables

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Can i create views and triggers on MS Access database tables ?.  Kindly share details or links related to this.


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You have posted on the board for Microsoft Learn and certification exams. You would more likely get an answer in the Access board


Not in the sense that you probably mean, but yes.


Views and triggers are SQL Server objects, so if that's what you have in mind, there are similar tools in Access, but they are going to be different in some ways.


A view is a way of selecting fields from one or more tables, which can include filtering, sorting and other methods of formatting data in those fields.


In Access you have saved queries. In some ways they are the same kind of thing, but the SQL used is different, and can be quite different.


A trigger is a bit of code attached to a table which fires when certain things happen involving that table, e.g. an Insert to the table or an update to it. Triggers can be quite complex.


In Access you have Data Macros. They perform the same function in principle, but I'm going to hazard a guess that they are not as complex as what you might be accustomed to with SQL Server table triggers.


So, the final answer is "yes", you can create the same kinds of objects (queries) and implement the same kind of code attached to tables (Data Macros), but the way they are implemented will diverge in some ways syntactically and in terms of complexity.


A Bingoogle search on "Access queries' and "Access Data Macros" should return a substantial set of references, and of course, you can run those searches just as easily as anyone else could.