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Is it possible to create a split form where the split is vertical instead of horizontal? The easiest way to describe what I want is to picture a table of US State codes (AK, AL, AR, etc) in a 1:M relationship with addresses of nationwide volunteers. (That's not what I'm actually doing but it's a simple way to visualize the situation.)


I currently have a split form based on the States table with a tablular subform of the volunteers' names and cities inside the main (upper) part of the form. The tabular version of the States table appears in the lower half. Click on one of the records in the tabular part of the States form and the upper part populates properly showing the volunteers from the selected state.


But since there's just one field in the lower half, there's all this wasted space. Plus it looks clumsy and isn't intuitive at all. I'd rather have the tabular (currently lower) half of the split form at the left, and the main form (currently upper) with the selected record and the tabular subform on the right. I can't find a way to do this.

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Go to design view of your split form and in its property sheet (on the Format tab) search for Split Form Orientation where you can choose where the datasheet appears, which includes left and right.



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you can also use subforms, like in the demo.


A split form displays the same fields from the same recordsource in both the single view panel and the datasheet panel.


What you describe is a 1:M relationship, which means two tables, not one. And that means a split form may not be the most useful approach.

I wonder if Arnel's method, using a main form with subform, isn't the more useful design for 1:M data. To use your pseudo-example, the one side is the table of US State codes in a main form, and the many side is the table of volunteers in a sub form.

Dunno why my eyes skipped right over this a dozen times or more, but it's exactly what I was looking for. Thank you.
Sorry. It was late and I didn't mention that important detail. The volunteers are in a separate table and there's a volunteers subform in the main part of the form. Karl got me what I needed. It is working just like I wanted. Lots of stuff to tweak, but the basic functionality is there.
Yeah, it's 1:M. I failed to explicitly state that the volunteer records are on a subform in the main part of the form. Now I need to figure out how to do both a 1:M:1 and a 1:M:M form.