VBA doesn't work on network/fileshare drive

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I have a database with some forms to represent relevant data. Most of the buttons are automatically generated and work perfectly, but some required me to use VBA to get functionality I needed.


When I start my database/form from a local drive everything works, but when I copy my database to fileshare, only access-generated buttons work while those buttons containing VBA code do nothing - not even an error. Even if I put in a simple MsgBox("Hello") code I get nothing.


Am I missing some paramteres in MS Access options?

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Have you designated that Location as a Trusted Location for Access accdbs?
Adding a fileshare location as a trusted location, I get the following error message:
"The path you have entered cannot be used as a Trusted Location for security reasons. Choose another location or a specific folder."
...and just to clarify, I did choose a specific folder and not the entire fileshare drive.


That would appear to be the most likely answer then. I don't know your network, so can't advise on the proper approach for your situation. However, there are two general approaches. One is to use a folder which you can designate as a Trusted Location. The other might be to tell Access to allow Trusted Locations on the network. However, the depends on your IT policy and practices.