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Using the older free MS Access runtime (starting from 2007 version)

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Hi, unfortunately I have not reached any information on the following topic: if I have the latest version of MS Office Professional (including MS Access), e.g. 2021, do I have the right to distribute MS Access applications on older freely available runtime (i.e. from version 2007)? Best regards. Jaroslaw

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Yes, the runtime only allows users to execute existing accdb relational database applications. But if you are using Access 2021, why not also use the newest available freely downloadable runtime?
Thank you very much for the response. You are completely right. The reason I ask is, that the latest MS Access runtime I found is 2016 version. I have not found yet version 2019 as well as 2021. Currently I do not want to use MS Office 365, which needs subscription. Therefore I will not use the 365 Access runtime. Or maybe it is not a problem to use MS Office Professional 2021 and distribute its applications with MS Access 365 runtime? Kind regards. Jaroslaw



There is no Runtime for 2019 and 2021. Instead you can use the 365 Runtime also with an eventually installed Office 2019 as is indicated at the Runtime page.


So the 365 Runtime is not bound to the subscription model. I'm not sure, if it also works with an eventually installed Office 2021. I'll have to ask.


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