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There is far more to EXCEL than what I want or need it for.  I have been an Apple user and for years I have been using a very old Appleworks program to make charts of  various business expenses for tax purposes. It has worked very well since 2000 ( yes I said 2000!!) but I ran it with a very old version of Quicken. That Quicken program is not working well even though my 14 year old computer still is!!  So the comparable Apple application, Numbers, has not worked in the same way Apple Works did oddly enough.

So I bought Office 2016 thinking it might be better and finally a year later installed it to my much newer IMAC. 

It was so easy with Appleworks. I had a spreadsheet for each category such as "postage" or "auto expenses" or "travel expenses" etc etc.  EXCEL is not particularly intuitive.  With AppleWorks, I could make a folder for each expense category and put it on my desktop under another folder titled for the particular tax year. 

I am trying to make up dummy pages to see how it works and I see that the autosum adds the columns like Appleworks did. However, saving each expense category is not easily done. It seems way more complicated than it needs to be!! I just want to make a folder for each expense, add data , save the update and keep it under say "tax year 2017" in a folder on my desktop.

Can anyone help?

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