Using an Access File Located in Root of C Drive in Azure Virtual Desktop

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We sell an Access program that was first implemented in Windows 3 or 95. From the beginning all the program’s files were “installed” in a folder in the root of C:\ and this is still the case today. The main program links to a backend database (that can be selected and could be stored locally, on a network or, in the cloud. (This backend database could be in Access MDB or ACCDB or in SQL.) More recently, some of our clients have begun using Azure Virtual Desktop (AVD) and could be sharing the same AVD VM. As a result, some are reporting data issues. We suspect this could be because our program resides in the root of C: in the VM’s Host Pool. I have several questions relating to the primary Access program not the backend file) running in AVD.

  • In AVD, what files and folders make up each user’s folder FS Logix profiles?
  • If only the user’s files and folders make up their profile, can programs like ours be included in the FX Logix profile? And, if yes, how?
  • Where an Access program is used by multiple users in the same AVD Host Pool, could this lead to data conflicts?
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