Using Access for first time

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Our organization has to start using Access to transfer files to another entity. What is the best PC, laptop or desktop to run Access smoothly?

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I really dislike terms like "the best XYZ" because that requires either a set of very specific criteria or a value judgement. In this case, it's hardly relevant anyway.


Access runs on virtually any Windows computer, and does so "smoothly". So, the question requires additional considerations, such as the volume of data that needs to be moved. In that regard, the speed of any network connections and/or internet connections is the key factor, I would think. If you are moving thousands of text files, for example, from one side of the globe to the other, you'll want a big, fat pipe to do that. The input device, i.e. the computer on which your Access accdb resides, is a relatively minor consideration in that perspective.


If you are pulling huge individual files down from a database server--and by huge I mean hundreds of thousands of records at a time--RAM is the biggest factor, I would expect. How much memory will be needed to adequately cope with those files? As much as you can cram into the computer. So, there I guess, one could say that at the required computer ought to support at least 16GB of RAM, or more. 


And then there's hard drive space. The same factors come into play. Are you going to need to provide and interim storage space for those files, or will this computer merely be a gateway through which they are passed? 

Given the relative costs of computer equipment these days, I think you should be able to buy a more than adequate piece of hardware for less than a thousand dollars, US. But maybe reliability is one of those considerations as well, so you'll want to give consideration to those hardware vendors best known for quality of their products.


In short, a Windows based laptop or desktop with "adequate" RAM and Hard Drive space to support your process is probably any one that you can afford, with an adequate provision for reliability and durability.


This response is extremely helpful thank you. You're right, I'll need to consider RAM, Hard Drive, reliability, and durability. Duly noted.