Use of a combo box to select multiple values from a table

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Very infrequent user of Access, so bear with me.


I have two tables and one form. On the form, I have a combo box to select a field from Table 1, and save the selected value in the same field in Table 2. Easy to set up, no problem.


What I would like to do is to be able to use a combo box to select a value from Field 1 of Table 1, but also automatically bring over the values from Field 2 and Field 3 of Table 1 and store them in Field 2 and Field 3 of Table 2, based upon the selection of Field 1 of Table 1 by the combo box.


Suggestions? Thanks!

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That sounds like a problem with the underlying table design, not a problem with the interface.

In a relational database application, we do not store the same data in more than one field, except for a small number of specific cases. It's doubtful that what you intend to do here fits one of those special cases.

However, to provide an appropriate answer, we need more information (trying to "simplify" with aliases and out of context descriptions tends to hinder more than it helps). Tell us WHY you think this data needs to be duplicated, and exactly what that data consists of.

Thanks you.
Now that I think about it, no need to store data twice. Recall that I do not use Access frequently, and when I do, I am dependent upon the various built in wizards.

So let me alter the request.
Suppose I have a table with 3 short text fields. On a form, I have a combo box that selects a record from Field 1 of the table. Once I select a record via a combo box from Field 1, how can I show the corresponding Field 2 and Field 3 text on the form (I would guess somehow these values can be tied to two labels on the form)?