updating data in a field consisting of existing data without deleting existing data.

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Ok, I am the CTO of a startup company and basically, I have created a database that consists of customers and their fleet vehicles. When the vehicle comes in for service or inspection. I want to create a form that will allow me to update the "Service Description" field no matter if that vehicle has been to us or not. For example, vehicle1 comes in for the first time and we perform repairs to the vehicle we enter the service description of what was done to the vehicle. Ok, now it has been 6 months and vehicle1 comes back in and needs something else done. I want a form that does not change the data that was entered into the service description field it just "adds" the new service description to the data field.


How do I create a form to do this? I already have the customer and vehicle table and forms created that will take in "new" customers or vehicles. Thanks in advance.

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HI @techfilmguy! And i am a MS Access Trainer for 10 years and it would be great to send some screenshot of your table structure, e.g. a screenshot of your entity relationship model, if there is one so far.

Your first and second appointment about service statutes (detail table) and different vehicles (another detail table) should come together in one new table (master table) like "Service appointment" or something like that.



You need to settle a structure between tables and their fields FIRST. Then you can relate records from one table to another. I suggest, you should always create queries from the important fields and one of these queries is a data source for your form at third step.


You can see your relationships done so far with your Tab "database tools" - button for relationships. See attached screenshot for this.