Update Query - Update Dates based on unbound field on form

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Hello Experts,


I have attached a db and I have a unbound form with a date field on it and upon update I want to update:

  1. tblDates.Date1 to the date in the field in the unbound form 
  2. tblDates.Date2 (to 4 years after the date in the unbound field) and
  3. tblDates.Date3 (to 4 years after tblDates.Date2)


I have tried to do this but its not working.  I left my code in the after update but remmed it out.  

Grateful for some assistance. 


thank you

please see attached. 

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@Tony2021  check out the code of the button.

HI Arnel, that is amazing code. The button strategy is indeed better. I am not sure what the issue is but it seems like the code is not firing since tblDates is not being update with any dates after I click the button. I thought it was macro security but that is not it then thought had something to do with Dcount but that didnt seem to be it either.

When you have a sec, could you kindly take a peek? thank you very much.