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Update Query (3 criteria)

Steel Contributor

Hello Experts,


I need to update a field tbl1.WDDate to the value showing in tbl2.WDDate but only where the [InvNo] and [InvAmt] and [InvDate] are equal between the files.  


How could I do this?   thank you. 

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Your question has languished unanswered for a while. That might be because it's not entirely clear what needs to happen.


First, on the surface it looks like you want to duplicate data in two different tables; that's generally an undesirable thing to do in a relational database application, so that might be putting some folks off on trying to answer. 


More to the point, we have only tbl1 and tbl2 to work with, and that kind of ambiguity makes us uneasy as well. What are those tables, really? Aliasing object names actually tends to make it harder to figure out how to address problems.


The actual query that would do this might be quite straightforward, but given the ambiguity, perhaps we should figure out more clearly what needs to happen, and why.