Unable to open Microsoft Acess. Urgent Help Needed!

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hello.. hi, everyone!


I need your help, urgently. so, i have been using Microsoft Office Access for quite sometimes now. Everythings fine but since yesterday, i was unable to open it. When i clicked the Microsoft access file, a small windows/cloud opened in orange/red colour with Office logo on it saying "Updating Office, please wait a moment". Then after a while, the windows/cloud closed and another windows/cloud pop-out with top/head name MSACCESS.EXE - Application error. Said that "the application was unable to start correctly (0xc0000142)".


I have been refreshing my desktop and shutting down my laptop few times, cuz i dont know what else to do but nothing happens.. still the same. I try to refresh my microsoft store acc bcuz i thought maybe theres new updates for microsoft office that i wasnt aware of to update it. But there is none.


so, kindly whoever read this and know how to fix this please reply A.S.A.P since i have work to do and it has been 2 days now my works been delayed.


thank you for reading.


P/S : i have attached pictures of windows/cloud that ive mentioned above for further understanding/clear picture

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