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I am new to Microsoft access database. I have a share point list and this is accessed with Microsoft Access. In Design Form, I had added Attachment as Pictures, but only one picture appears while the list has multiple pictures.

How could I view multiple pictures in the design form, so that while I print it , I can view all the pictures associated with the particular comment.



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I'm not completely clear about what you are trying to do here or about the relevance of Sharepoint or exporting to PDF. Most developers will tell you to avoid attachment fields in Access as they cause file bloat and will affect performance. A far better approach is to save the images externally and only store the file paths in Access as text fields. You can still view the images in Access forms and reports.
In case it helps, have a look at my folder image viewer app which demonstrates three methods of displaying images in forms together with a report



This is a snag report or a condition report of an asset, and we need a detailed report with pictures for each snag and comment. The snag has multiple photos to let you know on the condition of the asset. I have to then convert it to a PDF document with photos so that the client gets to know the condition of his asset. Is there any way round to attach multiple photos
First of all, did you look at my example database and, if so, did it help?

If I recall correctly, you can cycle through the images attached to a record but only displaying one at a time. However, I haven't used attachment fields since around 2008 so may not be best placed to advise on what is possible. The last time I worked with them was when a client asked me to sort out a mess they had created using them. As they had anything up to 16 images per record, they created a non-normalised table with 16 attachment fields and put one image in each. It worked .but was a very BAD solution. They finally realised their mistake when a new record needed even more than 16 images.

I recommend you scrap the attachment field and store the image paths in a separate table tblAssetPaths with a one to many join to your tblAssets. You can definitely make that work
Thanks for your reply. The images that I will need is max to 3 pictures.

I looked up your webpage, but what I need is displaying multiple images horizontally in the report that I want to print.


That's easily done. Use multiple columns in your report. In your case probably 3columns

The report used in that sample app has 5 columns so it looks like this: