Trying to compact and repair an Access file and receiving message "database is already in use"

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I know this has been reported and supposedly fixed, but not for me. I have no .laccdb files , so that isn't the cause. I just reinstalled Microsoft 365 so now using Access for Microsoft 365 MSO (Version 2203 Build 16.0.15028.20152) 64-bit. I've spent a whole day trying suggestions found online, then from Dell support and then being transferred 4 times at All suggestion welcome!

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Hi Mark,

Many Access users report issues with Microsoft 365 Current Channel Version 2203 Build 16.0.15028.20152.

This new release, in many cases (not always) can cause the following symptoms and error messages:

  • error 3048 "cannot open any more databases."
  • a persistent .laccdb, an Access ghost process
  • other errors like "already in use by Admin."

Currently, there are two known workarounds so far:

  1. First, return to an earlier version of M365.
  2. Try to put the database into a trusted folder. This has helped for many people as well. For the process, How to put the database into a trusted folder, Please visit the below URL: