Total row in datasheet view on a form won't work.

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I would like to have a total row in this form. The form is in Datasheet view. That's why all the subforms are displayed as sub-datasheets, but they are actually nested sub forms in the datasheet view. 


What do you think is the problem here? The lookup field 'Number' is where the user enters the part number, and the [Description] and [Price] fields are only available in the form, and data source is the lookup columns from [Number] field. Is that the reason the sum doesn't show up? How can I fix this problem? 

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My guess is that you are right in pointing to the fact that this calculation can't handle the 2nd and third columns of the combo box in the summation. You can fix it, probably, by modifying the query which provides records to the form so that the required fields are available instead.

@George Hepworth 

Thank you. I have fixed it by creating a query with the needed fields.