The difference in the Access from Microsoft 365 Home versus Business versions

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Program I wrote in Access through Microsoft 365 Home do not run in Access through Microsoft 365 Business. Can anyone tell me why.

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What happens when you try to run the app in 365 Business
Was a full copy of Access supplied with M365 Business?
I'm not sure but I don't think so. When I looked up the version it simply said Microsoft 365.
I lot of the functions don't work, even the Docmd.close
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You can easily check whether its the full version or runtime.
Open an ACCDB file in Access. Can you see the navigation pane and the full menus? If so its the full version.
If you can only see the File menu and no navigation pane ... its Runtime

If some basic code doesn't run then you have an issue with missing Access references.
If you have a full version, open the VB Editor, go to Tools ...References and take a screenshot of the references then upload here. Are any marked as MISSING?
However, there is nothing you can do about missing references if it is a Runtime version
Thank you very much. I found the missing references and loaded them now it runs. Thanks again
Excellent. Congratulations on solving your problem.