Table locked when displayed in subform

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I have a table that gets populated with a couple queries. When that table is opened, it becomes locked and the queries will not function. To avoid having people open the table directly to view the data, I'd display the table in a datasheet view in a form with the recordset snapshot (which i've done already) but even displaying it here locks it. I can't see any combination of settings that prevents this table from getting locked. If the datasheet property is Locked:Yes, it can't be manually edited but the table itself gets locked and the query won't update it. If i change the properties to Locked:No, it still locks the table anyway and the queries still fail (but the data is editable within the subform?!). Any idea how I can display this table without locking it?


The form does contain another datasheet that i need to remain editable


Bigger picture:  Ultimately I'm trying to get this table displayed in a subform in a form while remaining not locked so that the queries run via VBA can make changes without error.  The form contains access to a datasheet to enter data, a couple buttons for VBA, and this table as a display for results.  The form has Record Locks: No Locks.  The subform has Locked: No (changing this does nothing).  None of this really matters: ultimately the issue is when that table is opened, it becomes locked and the queries will not function.  When the table is displayed in the subform, it becomes locked the same way.  How can I ensure that a table is viewed in a way that does not lock it?

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