Table Alias in Access 2019

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In Access 2016 and earlier, in a query, you can set an alias for a table by clicking on the table and showing the Property Sheet.  This opened what used to be the "Field List Properties" with a "General" tab with two properties:  Alias and Source.


In my new Access 2019, I cannot bring up this "table" Property Sheet!  When I click on the table and bring up the properties, I am seeing the properties of the last selected query object.  Clicking on the table does not change the property window.


Is there a setting I have wrong in my new Access 2019?  Did MS do away with the Field List Properties for tables??


I apparently can go into SQL and create an alias there that will be reflected in the QBE grid, but I have no idea how to change it in the QBE interface!

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@MarySmith2020 This is a known bug introduced in a recent update. I'll verify if there's a fix and post back what I find.

@George Hepworth  That would be awesome!  Well, you testing it... not that it is possibly a bug.  :)

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@MarySmith2020 I found where it has been reported to the MS Access team at Microsoft and they are investigating it. I don't know when a fix will be available. 

@George Hepworth Thank you.  At least you can get the query design window to take a brute-forced SQL alias and show it and use it in the QBE field list.  How can something like this happen?  I'm really surprised that I could not find mention of it in my google searches.  Thanks again.