Switch from Excel to Access - yes or no?

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I maintain a multi-function (mailing list, email list, reunion registrations, badge making, and more) Excel spreadsheet for a high school Alumni Association board of directors and I think I might be better off using Access, but I’d like to review and discuss it with someone before I jump into refreshing my Access skills. It’s been many years since I used it.

My questions are –
  Would anyone be willing to look at it for me and give me your thoughts?
  What learning tool would you recommend?

Thanks in advance

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What are you expecting from this review? 

As a general rule, the sort of functions you describe are handled better in a relational database application than in a spreadsheet application. That means anyone who looked at it would more than likely recommend the upgrade. So in that sense, what you are asking seems more like a confirmation than an analysis.


That said, some consultants will invest a free hour or two up front with a client in order to determine the scope and complexity of the contract they would offer to do the work. On the other hand, a quick "yes or no" review is about what you could expect via a volunteer forum. And, as I suggested, the answer is almost guaranteed to be "yes, upgrade to a relational database application" anyway.


Learning tools. There are lots of YouTube videos these days. There are still many good Access books available, although the internet has really put  damper on that method of providing materials. 


I recommend that you download a couple of the templates in Access, those related to students and classes, and similar areas. Once you have some more specific, detailed ideas and questions, it would be more straightforward to ask specific questions about what you need to do/

Yes, in a sense I think I might have been asking for confirmation. Thank you very much for taking the time to respond.