Suggestions to print tab information from a form

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I have created a form which has 8 tabs in the body.  I need to be able to print the form and all of the information on each tab.   I have tried to create a report from the form which only prints the selected tab.   What is the best method to select a and print all of the associate information on each tab?





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Simply create a report manualy.
Ikus arte.

if the info's on each tab came from different tables, you can create a sub Report for each and Filtered on CIP #.

use Single report if you all info from 8 tabs are just break-down from a single table.


Thanks for your suggestion. All of the information in the tab is contained in a single table. I have tried to create the report manually by overlapping each tab in a continuous manner however, I cannot get more than 4 tabs on a page. In the existing application, the report just skips to the new page and continues to print. I can't find a way to insert the page break without having grouping involved. Is there a way to create a fixed page break








I get this error when trying to add the 6th tab





I also inserted a page break after section 5 and still got the same error above.
Why are you inserting tab control ?
If your data is on the same table, put all the fields on the same report, use the square control to identify them. Alternatively, use ONE report for ONE table and drag and drop this onto the report master.
that is not the way to Create a Report.
on Navigation Pane, click on your table.
now, on the Ribbon->Create->Report.

bring the "new report" in design view and arrange the fields according to your "taste".
modify the "label" to a more descriptive one. you can drag a Label control to add more description to your report.