Substitute for the upsizing wizard (which was removed in Access 2013)

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Our team has been using Microsoft Access 2010 as a frontend for an SQL Server 2014, and are dependent on the Upsizing Wizard in Access to migrate tables from Access to SQL. From Access 2013 and onwards, the Upsizing Wizard is gone, and we are in need of an alternative. 


For example, if there is an SQL database named papers, our team has an Access file named papers_temp.accdb. When we want to make changes to a given table (or create a new table) in the papers database, we do this locally in papers_temp.accdb before using the upsizing wizard to migrate the given table from Access to the SQL database, overwriting the table in SQL if it already exists. 


SQL Server Migration Assistant for Access

I've found several recommendations for this program on the web, and it looks like it should be able to do what we need. However, more often that not, when attempting to select (and load) a table, the program is stuck in a loading process that never seems to end (tried waiting for one hour), meaning I'm forced to close without saving my project.


In general, SSMA does not seem very stable, and we'd prefer to find a solution that was more familiar to work with. Perhaps I'm missing something? 


Is there another tool similar to the upsizing wizard available for Access 2016, or should we rethink our process completely? Can we develop our own solution with macros and/or Visual Basic? So far open to suggestions. 

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I've had to jump through some hoops to make this work on my system.  this may help