Steps To Decompile Your MS Access-Database

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"Steps To Decompile Your MS Access-Database

1)On a Windows system go to Start and type ‘msaccess.exe /decompile ‘in the Run command line. Here msaccess.exe includes the complete path of the Access Database.

2)Now go to Access and open the database you want to decompile.

3)Open any module as per your requirement and compile it through Debug, Compile.., and then File, Save...."


My question:

It´s about ACCESS 2013.

Everyone is mention the Debug in Tool menu.

There is no Debug option under Tools in our MS Access 2013 Database:
Please see screenshot (Swedish version)
Here´s the english translate the sceenshot.
-Properties for DB
-Digtial sinature
As you can see, no DEBUG in the below screenshot.


Really appreciate your answer

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It is not about the Tools menu. The

Debug menu should be Felsök and

    Compile YourVBAProjectName

should be the first menu item within there, whatever it is called in Swedish.


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