Snapshot of Access Web Database for Legal purposes

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Hi - There are times at our institution where we may need to get snapshot of users files for legal reasons.  I can export the content of OD4B using Sharegate, but it doesn't export content stored in an Access Web App.  When I connect to the web database using Access 2016 I can "Save As" and select snapshot. I end up with an App file, what do I do with the App file?  Can I open it up with Access 2016 somehow or do I need to add it as an App to another SP or OD4B site?  Thanks -  Greg

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content of an Access Web App is stored in a SQL Azure database. You can use SQL Server DBA tools to connect and create snapshots. You can also sync SQL Azure content with other sources using commercial sync tools, e.g. the Layer2 Cloud Connector.


Hope that helps, Thanks, Frank.

Thanks for your reply Frank. I hope the request to make a snapshot of access web app content is not a frequent request.

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I created a step by step instruction for you to connect to your database using SQL Server management studio as Frank suggested.


You can also find these instructions (and others) on our support site using your Office 365 credentials to sign into our support site.


You can use the APP files to back up your Access Web App to a file.  However, you can only use the App files to restore the data in the originating environment.  i.e. SQL Server online


"You can only install and reuse Access app packages across the same deployment environment. Installing Access app packages from on-premise SharePoint installations into Office 365 or SharePoint Online are not supported scenarios. For example, if you’ve created your Access app package in a SharePoint site that your organization hosts separately from Office 365 or SharePoint Online, you can’t install that app package in Office 365 or SharePoint Online. The same restriction is in place when trying to install Access app packages created from Office 365 or SharePoint Online into on-premise SharePoint installations."


Wow!  Thanks @Don DeCarlo.  I couldn't login using my O365 Credentials, but I was able to download the instructions in Word Docx fomat.  I appreciate your help!

Thanks Gregory


Glad that worked for you.


I updates the link to the Quick reference guides to eliminate the sign in.