Single for data entry into parent/child tables

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I created a form that enters a new record in the parent table along with measurement data into the child table.
However I am stuck on how to overcome a condition in which if a record already exists in the parent table, it creates a new child record?

I have a situation in which Part A and Part B have separate part numbers and serial numbers. When A + B are assembled together, it becomes Part C. The Part Number (Assembly Table) would be my parent table

All 3 parts have separate measurements entered into a single Child Table.

If Part A SN1 is paired either Part B SN1, it creates Part C SN1.
However, Part B SN1 could fail and Part A SN1 could later be paired with Part B SN2. This is going to cause multiple measurement records for multiple combinations. Part A SN1 could be tested with multiple Part B SNs. And, if Part B SN1 is later repaired, it will be retested and issued to another Part A SNx.  Ohh, the joys of manufacturing!

I have created a form that places data into the parent and measurement data into the child depending on the type of part being tested.
However, if a parent record already exists, I am getting an error telling me that i have to enter a unique ID instead of acknowledging that a parent record (or configuration of Part A & B SNs) exists and just entering an additional child record of measurements.

Can this be created on a single form or do I need to create a parent form and child subform?

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