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Sharing Access in Windows 11

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I used to share Microsoft Access on a Peer-to-peer network in my office.  Both computers used Windows 10. All Access files were on my drive and it was shared with my assistant.  We could both work on Access and make changes to the same file without problem.

When I switched to Windows 11, we started using OneDrive to store the files (including Access).  Now, when we save the files, they end up writing to another Access file when the other is also using the same Access file.  

My question: can we skip OneDrive for this file and use a peer-to-peer network so we can make changes like we did back when I had Windows10?  Can someone help me set-up the network to make this happen?

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As you've learned, it is not advisable to try to use OneDrive with Access, for the very reason you report. OneDrive is not designed to support the kind of usage shared Access database applications require.


You need to restore the peer-to-peer networking arrangement you used previously in order to share the back end.


We can't really help you directly; that would require someone to have access to your computers. 


We can explain the steps, though.


Join both computers to the same WorkGroup as shown here. Make sure you use the WorkGroup option; you don't have a Windows Domain. Create a WorkGroup Name that reflects your environment. This is just a sample.



Pick one of the two computers to be the "server". Create a shared folder on it and put the Back End accdb in that folder.

Relink the Front End accdbs on both computers to that Back End.


Obviously, the "server" machine will have to remain powered on for the other user to be able to work with the database application.