Seeking Help to prepare wage book for employees

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Can some help me with fixing up some formula to prepare wage book.


I have to pay employees certain amount as net payment after all statutory deduction.


In the wage book, certain rates cannot be changed like Basic, HRA, VDA. However, Allowance can be paid more to arrive at the final desired net payment.


I have attached a table in excel sheet. I will be grateful if someone can please help me.


Ronald Pinto 

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Because this forum is dedicated to the Microsoft Access Relational Database Development tool, you might have better response from reposting this question to a forum dedicated to the Microsoft Excel tool.

@George Hepworth 


yes, as advised I had reposted and received a very good help from the members specially Mr.Sergei Baklan, Mr. Riny_van_Eekelen and Mr. Abiola1 


Thank you,

Ronald Pinto