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I'm recently retired, and have time to kill.

My ultimate goal is to create a Web based application to prevent me from having to answer my wifes constant question... "where is the?...".

So, I've developed the basics in an Access 2016 database, and it is far from finished, but it does basically prove the idea is functional.

I've developed this on my Windows 10 Pro desktop.

I also have a second Windows 10 Pro that I run purely as a "service resource system". What I mean by "service resource system" is it acts as a print server, so as you can imagine, its not the most powerful of devices, but it doesn't have to provide sub second response.

My current thoughts are that on this "service resource system" i'll install the free version of SQL Server, and migrate the Access Database onto SQL Server.

I will then develop the Web application using Visual Studio community, and deploy that to the "service resource system". I'm sure you will have spotted the use of "low cost/no cost" tools, which is how I'd prefer to continue.

We have iPad's around the house, and these will be the prime device(s) used to access the resulting Web interface.


The guidance I'm seeking is, am I heading the right direction?

Is there an easier way to do this?



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Hi Paul 


You are going the right direction. the only thing you need to ask yourself how much time do you want to spend in developing the solution.


If you seeking for an fast and easy fix you could go with PowerApps.

But if you really want to get your hands dirty you can go with entity framework, asp.core and some client side frameworks like bootstrap and/or angularjs: look at