Security Warning: Some active content has been disabled in MS access

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I have recently updated my Windows 10 OS which was a mandatory update and right after that I have started experiencing some issue with my MS Access database. The database is showing me a security warning regarding some active content in the file every time I open it. Also each time I open my database file it creates a duplicate file in the same location.


This issue was not there in my previous version of Windows 10. 

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Simply click on the Enable Content button.

Have you setup a Trusted Location for the front-end's directory?

@Daniel_Pineault I don't think the point was enabling access. It's easy enough to see clicking the button will do that. The real pain is seeing this notice and having to click the button every time.

If you setup a trusted location you don't get prompted.
I have also suddenly encountered this problem with a Publisher file that has links to Excel data. I'm on a company network and network locations are trusted. I also set up a trusted location specifically for this set of files to no avail. I cannot update my links without clicking "Enable" after the warning, and THEN I have to manually update links that used to update automatically when I opened the document and said "Yes" to updating links. This is infuriating that Microsoft hasn't fixed this bug, as it's obviously a known issue. Even our 3rd party IT service says its been an issue for awhile and no fix yet. Come on MICROSOFT, get with it or I'm moving my personal allegiance to Apple!!