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How come when I go to 'Search' for a key word, I get nothing.....though I have those words in my Database?

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We would have to know a great deal more about this relational database application to hazard any kind of guess, starting with "HOW" you go about doing this search? Given the fact that there is at least one built-in search facility and it is possible to create VBA functions of many different sorts to "search", the options are sort of wide open.






I've attached 2 screen shots of where I do the 'searching' for key words. 

I'm using the template that's in Access called Contacts


Thanks for the screen shots. 

The first image shows what appears to be a custom search function in that relational database application template. I'd have to download and install it to know how it works and also have the same sample data you are using.

The second image shows the built-in search function. Note that it has several options, each of which effects the performance and outcome of the search.

For example, it is searching "current field" which means that it is only going to find matches in whichever field has the focus at the point you invoke the search. If that field is the one in which you expect to find "tastee" it will do that, subject to the second option, which is "whole field".


"Whole Field" means only the exact word "tastee" will match and if there is no instance of that 6-letter string, but there is a value of, say, "tasteetreat", that won't match. That could also impact the search results. If you change that to "Any Part of Field", that might return the value you think you should find but don't.