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Hello everyone,


Here is the link to my sample Access file


Question 1: Using tblCap_Welding, tblCap_NDT, and tblCap_Yes/NoQuestions, is there a way to create a form where I can see all information related to a Supplier?


For example, if A is selected from the combo box (using Supplier Name from tblGeneralInfo), the form will show everything A has from the 3 tables I just mentioned.

Welding: TIG, Laser, Resitance Spot & Stitch Welder

NDT: Radiographic

DER Repairs: No

DER Repairs Detail:

Balancing: Yes

Tooling Design: Yes


Question 2: I tried to create a form with a combo box from the "Welding" column to search for Suppliers that're capable of doing those Welding capabilities. However, when I set the combo box to "I want the combo box to get the values from another tables or query", it didn't seem to work the way I want.


In the tblCap_Welding, my Welding column has repeating records (for example, multiple Suppliers have TIG). So when I set it up in the combo box, there were several TIG values. How can I set my combo box to Unique values only and get it to search for Suppliers that can do a certain Welding Capability (chosen from the combo box)?


Question 3: In the frmContactDetails, can you please show me how I can get the combo box to search for all contact details of the selected supplier? I was trying to set the form to Continuous Form to make it show all contact details but then both my "Select a supplier" combo box didn't work and the form show all info of all suppliers


Please help!!! Thank you so much


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