Running Ms access 2003 application under Ms access 2013 or above

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Hi everyone,

I have a very wearied problem , i made application on Ms access 2003 and i sent to many users to run and use it , all users have at least Ms Access 2013 and above ,  most of them the application worked smoothly without any problem , others they had error message " 2501 The Open Form action was canceled "

Note : some users have Windows 7 and others has Windows 10, Yes it worked on some of Windows 10 users.

I recompiled the application to 2007 Access and send it back to users which have problem using it, but still they had same error. 

Any idea why is that ? and how solve it ?

Thanks A lot.

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You'll need to provide more details do anyone to provide you with likely causes.
For exsmple:
What is the code that causes errors for those users?
Are those users running runtime Access or 64-bit Access?
Are there are missing references for those users?