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I have a client pulling a large report from a DB, but they're running in to a problem.


In the example below, Box 1 is data pulled from the database that contains numbers, dates, costs etc. Each line is individual data. The data in box 2 is all descriptive text, that can be any amount of text, and again, each section is individual data. If text in any one of the sections in box 2 runs long, creating a second page for a print out, the data in box 1 gets split in 2. Some on page 1, some on page 2.

I need to find a way to fix the data in box 1 so it stays below the image.


I'm not a pro with Access, far from it, so reaching out for any advice I can get.


Thanks in advance.




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My first attempt at resolving this would be to create a subreport with just the information that needs to remain together, and a second subreport for the information that can exceed the one page. But without seeing REAL data and REAL reports, that's just a potential thought to explore.

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Sorry, but I don't know what you wrote. It would help to use English, the language in which this forum is supported.