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Hello. please teach me

How do I set ACCESS database to make the scanner input fast as in Excel? Thank you..

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Please make sure (1) the Text Format property of the text field in the table, and (2) the Text Format property of the textbox (under Data tab) in the subform are set to "Plain Text", NOT "Rich Text".
If both are set to Plain Text, can you please post all properties of both (1) and (2) here?

@Matteo Thank you for your reply

I'm not sure where is "Plain Text"  setting you said.. please see the below screenshot. Is this the place you are talking about? 


Thank you



@Matteo OK I found it..I set it as "純文字"



But I input from the data sheet are also very slow..




I assumed that its data type is a Long Text, which has Format property. Yes, Short Text data type does not have the property of Format, it's my mistake. I hope following comparison for the default values could be helpful for future:


I can't think of anything else. Please check with barcode's manufacturer's support site to see if they have a newer Firmware or Driver release for the Windows OS.



Based on your screenshot, I noticed another thing, which probably not directly related to the slow entry., but I wanted to mention. The "Order By" in table properties have BarcodeID and Location fields listed. I would recommend them to be moved to Index instead, which makes indexing faster. You need to define one index name, but you can list more than one fields, see example below. Primary key is indexed automatically, then I added MyIndex for two fields;


You can do the same for Location ID and Barcode.


Thank you so much for your help