Record Locks and Other Frustrations

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Hi!  I'm really just looking for advice, please be easy on me as I'm a total rookie when it comes to Access.


We are trying to use Access both to store data, and as a GUI for the non-technical in our company, to use data related to our products and procedures.  I cobbled together some VBA to make a front end, and have all the data on a separate back end. 


Frankly, all of that works together well.  The issue begins when multiple users are trying to edit data.  It seemed like, for a few months, everything was fine and locks would only happen when a record was being directly edited.  Now, if someone is using the database at all, it locks everything.


What am I doing wrong?  Should I be looking at using a different application than Access for a multi-user environment?  Etc.  Any help is appreciated.  I'll clarify what I can if anyone has questions.

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In December Microsoft introduced a bug in some security updates that causes this. For most Access versions and variants there are updates with fixes available. Have a look at this support article.


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@SamCampbell This sounds very much like the recent bug that was released in the December Windows Update. It is also described in detail here.


Consult the Microsoft page for details on applying the update(s) which fix the problem. 

Thank you very much!@Karl Donaubauer 

Thank you very much!
obviously this is a day-to-day production?