"Allow / Deny" Dialogue when sending email using MS Access VBA using DoCmd.SendObject thru outlook

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When sending email (through Outlook) in MS Access VBA using DoCmd.SendObject I keep getting the "Allow / Deny" Dialogue window for each and every email. I want to send multiple emails programmatically without having to "Allow" each one individually. As you can imagine it can be a real pain. I have used this method many times in past versions of Access with no problems, It appears to be unique to Office 365.  If anyone has a solution (other than > "Options" > "Trust Center" > "Advanced Settings" Then selecting "Programmatic Access" and changing the Security level to : "o Never warn me about suspicious activity(Not Recommended)") Please comment and advise me as to how to turn it off, or work around it. Thank You

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Alternatively, it is possible to send email direct from Access without using Outlook or other email client.
The method used is called Collaborative Data Objects (CDO).
See my article with an example database you can use for test purposes CDO Email Tester