Query UPDATE crash on all MS Access x64 after the November 12th patch

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To solve the Security Vulnerability CVE-2019-1402 Microsof has released KB4484127 for Office 2010, KB4484119 for Office 2013 and KB4484113 for Office 2016 but after installing ALL QUERY UPDATE CRASH.

It is possible to uninstall the KB and work fine again.

Any other solution in presence of KB?

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@cgentile If you can uninstall just go ahead and uninstall it...if not you have to "replace" your tables with queries

For example you have a Table named myTable and normally

UPDATE myTable SET SomeField = SomeValue

Now either

UPDATE (SELECT * FROM myTable) SET SomeField = SomeValue


rename myTable to e.g. myTable_tbl and create a query name myTable with SQL : SELECT * FROM myTable_tbl


UPDATE myTable SET SomeField = SomeValue '(here mytable is the query that "replaces" the original myTable)

@tsgiannis this workaround works, however it's har to follow this path, having dozens of queries and VBA command, and some modules not directly accessible by myself, being protected by the software house who developed our ERP :cry:


This issue will be fixed for all versions:

Version                                                                        BuildRelease    Date

Access 2010


December 10, 2019

Access 2013


December 10, 2019

Access 2016 MSI


December 10, 2019

Access 2019 Volume License


December 10, 2019

Access for Office 365/Access 2019 (Version 1911)


November 24, 2019 (estimated)



@cgentile I hope this issue can be pushed for way faster fix. We can't afford to have our application stopped for a moth.