Query formula crashes Access

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Has anyone else experienced Access crash when opening a query with InStr in a formula? I am not sure when this started, and it took trial and error to associate sudden crashing with using this function in a formula.  Possibly its something else; this is just my empirical observation.   


I have longstanding query formula fields   such as Left([IIDesc],InStr(1,[IIDesc],"(")-1) AS Task

No longer working.  Access closes with no warning or error message; somthing must be overrunning.


This in Build 12624.20520 Microsoft 365   





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@early_steve There are a couple of possibilities. One is corruption in the accdb. That might be corrected by compiling the VBA and doing a compact and repair on the accdb.


The other is missing references. Check those in your accdb. If one is flagged as "MISSING", that'll be the culprit.




@George Hepworth Good suggestions. I should have mentioned that in investigating the issue, I tried a number of system type things, including checking for Office updates, creating a blank database, importing everything, recompiling, relinking all linked tables, and updating all references.    I also copied one of the tables into a fresh temp table separate from the rest of the data structure and ran one of the queries on that. 


You are giving me an idea: maybe I need to troubleshoot of reinstall Office. More likely, however, if  no one else has had this issue, then I will finish skirting around the handful of queries that crashed the system.