Problems uploading State and Country ID’s

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Hello All,


I have successfully uploaded all my company contacts and their employees via excel spreadsheet into their respective tables in access using each company ID and each individual employee ID.


I am however unable to upload any of the company and employee locations using their state ID’s and country ID‘s into access. When I try to upload them Into their tables the database will not read them and keeps the tables blank.


Can you please offer some help on how to troubleshoot and proceed. Thanks.

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It would be helpful if you could share the table design for company and employee location, and examples of the Excel sheets containing the data

Could you please share some sample data which has been loaded and other which you are trying to upload,,, and one more are you trying to upload both in same table?

@Tieme Woldman Thanks for your response please see the attached database sample along with the spreadsheet. if you open the database you will see a list with state ID's and Country ID's, these will need to upload to the table listed as "Location Details" in order to generate the state and country into the database, but it is not working. 

@Tieme Woldman Im sorry i seem unable to upload a copy of the access database can you please advise how to do so.


We're not allowed to upload Access databases, but maybe you can make print screens of the (Access) table definition(s) and share it here.

@Tieme Woldman Here are some screen shots of the location detail table along with the list of state and country ID's.

@Tieme Woldman Hi Can you please let me know your thoughts? Thanks! :)