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Hi, I started today to use Access 2016 on a new computer (HP, windows 10) and I am encoutering a problem which did not occure on my old computer (also HP, windows 10). I use Office 365.

The size of the boxes of the boolean character fields are out of proportions and pixellised. They change size if I change the width of the fields, but I have to reduce at the max the width of the fields in order to get a normal box size and as a result I cannot read the title of the fields.


I have checked my computer display setting, it's at 125% which is what is recommended by Windows 10. I have contacted the online support of Microsoft and the agent took over my  computer to uninstall and install again Office 365, it did not change anything.


As anyone ever encoutered this problem and found a solution ?

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Is that a form or a table/query?
Check your error trapping settings in the Visual Basic Editor.
The only time I've seen anything similar was when the setting was Break On All Errors.
If that is the case, change to Break On Unhandled Errors




If its a form and that doesn't help, try decompiling your project: Decompile and Compact Your Microsoft Access Database to Improve Performance and Fix Corruption (fmsi...

@isladogs thanks for your message. 


I have checked the Visual Basic Editor but the setting is already on "Break On Unhandled Errors".

The picture I am showing is from a table. However, I must precise : this disturbing display of Boolean fields boxes occures anytime on Access, even on new database. It does not happen on my old computer... so could it be a problem of PC resolution ? My new PC has a higher screen resolution than the former. But I'm sure plenty of Access users have even far better computer than mine, so I do not get why this problem is happening.

Does it still happen if you create a form or report based on the table?
It mat be that there is an Access client setting on the new computer that is triggering this behaviour but I'm not sure what that would be. See if you can see any differences between the client settings on the two computers
If I create a form or a report based on the tables with Boolean fields, the boolean fields will have normal size boxes in the form or report...
I have made a comparison between the Access client setting on my new computer and the old one, but they are strictly the same since I use Microsoft 365 with both.
I should have asked you to check the appearance in a query and in a datasheet form as well.
The only other option settings I suggest you check are those for object designers and datasheets... but I'm not too optimistic that either will provide a solution.

Of course, I could say it doesn't matter as end users should never look at tables or queries directly. All interaction should be done using forms. Whilst that is true, I would also want to determine the cause. Have you tried compacting?


Here is a picture of 1) a table (you can see that the "real size" box exist beneath the huge one) 2) a form (the boxes are smaller and do not change size if I change the size of the column) 3) a request (the size is almost correct and doesn't change if I change the size of the column).




I have tried to "compact and repair" the database (several times) but nothing happens.

I now suspect the issue isn't within Access itself. You could check by putting checkboxes on an Excel user form and seeing whether the same result occurs. Or possibly by just exporting your table/query to Excel

Perhaps it is a glitch caused by an outdated driver for your graphics controller. Try updating the driver by looking at optional update in Windows update.
I have checked by putting checkboxes in Excel and they are displayed normally.
I have checked for an update but Windows does not find new ones, it seemes perfectly updated.
I would still suggest checking for an updated graphics driver. Other than that I'm out of ideas.
If you want to upload a cut down version of your database, I'm willing to look at it
Sorry. Did you mean you had already checked for an updated graphics driver?
I have a brand new PC, which is fully updated. I guess perhaps I don't know what you mean by "an updated graphics driver".


The graphics driver is software supplied with your computer which controls the display from your monitor. Periodically, updates may become available which you can download.


From the taskbar, go to All Settings ...Windows Update...then check for updates.
You may see a list of optional updates for various hardware drivers. For example, mine currently looks like this:



As you have a new PC, there may not be any optional updates available for download.

Anyway investigate that and if you still have the issue, feel free to upload a cut down copy of your database showing the problem