printing labels multiple times from Access

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I'm setting up a database in Access to track inventory in a retail store, the main purpose will be to print labels for new items as they are received.  I've figured out how to write a report that will list each record as a label but I don't know how to tell it to only include ___ items (new listings or records searched for and tagged) in the report.  More importantly, I need to be able to print multiple copies, say 96, of one record, only a few of others and just one of most.

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@oneinchsidehop There are several approaches you could take to making this work. 

The way I'd tackle it would be to create a form with a multi-select list box, a command button and a text box control.


In the listbox, use the table (or more appropriately a query based on the table) of the items for which you want to print labels. Use the multi-select property to select one or more items to print labels for.

In the textbox control, enter the number of copies you want to print. If you want to print different numbers of copies for different items, you'll have to select them separately, of course.


In the Click event of the command button, run code that prints labels for each of the selected items in that listbox. Use the count in the textbox control to determine how many times to run through the printing function.




On my website, I have a demo database which includes the use of a mult-select list box. It's only partially applicable to your requirement, but you can use that segment as a template for what you need to do.

I have very little experience with this and I'm not a programmer at all, so please bear with me.

According to this I need to:
Create a query that selects the records to be printed (will usually be based on invoice number) and then duplicates records in the query based on the value in the reprints field?
That query would be run/controlled by the above form that features the multi-select list box, command button and the text box control.

So then:
list box selects records
text box control specifies number of repeats
command button runs the query

Am I following you correctly?



That's correct. If you haven't tackled something like this before, perhaps we'll find time this morning to put a simple demo together,


I found some time to put together a simple demo.


Thank you very much!
I downloaded it, added some data and fields to one of the reports but when I change the value in the Number of Copies box and then preview nothing changes- am I missing a step?


here is another sample.

That's what I was trying to do! Thanks!

How do limit the selections in qryToprint to a certain value, say all with a particular invoice number or date?
Preview will only open each report once. To print multiple copies, you have to change it to print to the printer. I tested that.


you can Filter the records, then add the quantity.
items with 0 quantities are not included in the report.