Printing Customer Information from a Customer ID

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I am setting up a database.  I would like to know how I can print a customer name by just showing the customer ID.   Is this possible?


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How are you showing the Customer ID? Where does it come from (a table? user data entry?)

It is more common that a customer is chosen from a dropdown on a form: it has 2 columns: an invisible CustomerID, and a visible CustomerName column. If you download the Northwind Starter Edition Template (File > New), you will see an example of that on the OrderDetails form.
Thank you for answering. The customer ID is entered by the data entry person. I am trying to put together a feasibility conference appointment database. The previous database had one gigantic table where all the information was added. I was trying to shorten it by adding only the customer ID and Facility ID. numbers. But my quandary now is how can i get the table below to print out the customer ID and facility information.

I have the following fields in my table:

Feasibility ID Customer ID License # Inspector Date Time Status

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It is a dropdown.
Good for you following relational database principles, where everything has 1 place only.

If we are on a Feasibility form, and selected a Customer from the dropdown, we have several options on getting additional customer info to display on the screen. The simplest may be to have the combobox (name: cboCustomer) have more than 2 columns. Example RowSource:
select CustomerID, CustomerName, City, CreditLevel from tblCustomers order by CustomerName
The columnWidths for the combobox are set to 0;1;0;0. Of course ColumnCount is now 4.
Add a textbox to frmFeasibility and set its ControlSource to:
and another one for Column(3). This will display the City and CreditLevel.

> Feasibility ID Customer ID License # Inspector Date Time Status
I would HIGHLY recommend you get rid of spaces and other funny characters, as well as Reserved Words.
Also a few more lookup tables may be in order, like tblInspectors and tblStatus.
FeasibilityID, CustomerID, LicenseNo, InspectorID, VisitDateTime, StatusID

@Tom_van_Stiphout   Thank you for that information.   What I am trying to do is to have a printout that would display all the customer information and all the facility information for the inspectors and other staff.   I currently have 3 auto populate forms in my database. 


1 - Customers

2 - Facilities

3 - Feasibilities


All of these three forms feed back into their individual tables.  I need one printout that shows all the information for the staff.  


I would greatly appreciate any suggestions. 


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I do have look up tables for each of the items listed.
Create a report query, joining the 3 tables. Then base your report on that query.
Thank you. I don't believe I have ever queried reports. But I will give it a shot. Thanks for the guidance.
Check out the aforementioned Northwind Starter Edition. You'll see qryrpt* queries, corresponding to rpt* reports.


PMFJI: " I don't believe I have ever queried reports"

That's not what is happening.


What Tom is suggesting is a query based on the relevant tables.


That query then is used as a report's recordsource.






Thank you for clarifying. I will see if I can do that.