Ouverture base Access incorrecte

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Quand j'ouvre une base Access qui a été créée sur un autre ordinateur, je n'obtiens qu'une table "MSysCompactError" qui me signale (sur plusieurs lignes) dans la description de l'erreur : "Demandez l’autorisation requise à votre administrateur système ou à la personne ayant créé cet objet.". Or je suis l'administrateur du système (utilisation personnelle) et j'ai créé la base en question.
J'ai interrogé l'assistance technique d'Office 365 qui m'a indiqué qu'Access fonctionnait très bien sur mon ordi et ils m'ont dirigé vers vous pour résoudre le problème.

Je vous joins une copie de "MSysCompactError".
Merci de votre aide

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The MSysCompactError table is crested automatically when a compact and repair routine fails for any reason. This can happen if the database is closed by the user during the compact routine.


It may indicate there is data corruption or it may be possible to ignore it

Unfortunately your screenshot is almost illegible so I can't tell. Certainly there are a lot of errors flagged.


Try copying the MSysCompactError table to another empty database and upload that.

As its in French I may not be able to understand it, but hopefully someone else can even if I am unable to do so.

Better still can you upload a copy of your database?


I am sending you a copy of the MSysCompactError table in Excel.
It is difficult for me to send you a copy of the database because it contains personal data of members of an association and I have to respect confidentiality.
Thank you for your help


Thanks. I only needed you to send that system table in a new blank database.
Anyway, having looked at the Excel file, there are errors in ALL your system tables...including several that are deep hidden and some that are usually empty. In addition, you have errors in four record sources used in forms, report including any combos or listboxes (those beginning ~sq_...) and two reports(?) beginning rqt...

You almost certainly have data corruption and may well have corrupted code as well.
First make a backup just in case. Next import all objects into a new blank database. Make sure you tick the options in the Import dialog box. System tables will NOT be imported. New tables will be created automatically
Next, make a new backup then compile your project fixing any errors. Now DECOMPILE to remove any corrupted code. See

Recompile, backup once more then compact the project.


Now check each of the items listed in the MSysCompactErrors table. Are they OK? If so, you're in luck. Otherwise you are going to have to create new objects to replace anything lost to corruption or retrive them from earlier backups if you have any.

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After many unsuccessful attempts, I finally used Stellar Repair for Access and recovered the entire database (data, structure and code)... phew!
I thank you for the time you spent with me.
Best regards

Excellent. Glad it worked for you.
My own experiences with Stellar have been far less successful. To be fair, it depends upon the degree of corruption involved.