Open Report (strip out letters for Where clause)

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Hello Experts,


I have the following OpenReport code: 

DoCmd.OpenReport "rptPC", acViewReport, , "[DDNo]= " & Me.txtDrawNo

I need to modify it since [DDNo] is not a's text.

There is another issue I need to take into account. 


the [DDNo] has 2 letters appended to the front like this:




I need to somehow ignore the DD part of the DDNo

The Me.txtDrawNo is a number and doesnt have the "DD" part appended.

if I can strip out the "DD" part of [DDNo] then I will be able to open the report. 


How could the above DoCmd be modified to strip out the "DD" part of [DDNo]? 

I hope that makes sense.  Let me know if any questions. 


thank you. 


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Try this and let us know if it is successful or not.


DoCmd.OpenReport "rptPC", acViewReport, , "[DDNo]= """ & Replace(Me.txtDrawNo, "DD","") & """"



DoCmd.OpenReport "rptPC", acViewReport, , "DDNo='DD" & Me!txtDrawNo & "'"


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perfect. thank you very much.
Hi Karl, this works too....