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Hello Experts,

I have the below code firing on my main form.

When the main form opens, the other forms in teh code open if Dcount>0.

I have noticed that the forms open all at once and not one at a time. 

I want 1 form to open then click close then the next form opens...not all at once. 

I thought that WindowMode:=acDialog is what I need? 


thank you
Private Sub Form_Load()

If DCount("*", "qryNotifications") > 0 Then

DoCmd.OpenForm "frmNotifications", WindowMode:=acDialog

End If

If DCount("*", "qryNotificationsDateChecks") > 0 Then

DoCmd.OpenForm "frmNotificationsDateCheck", acFormDS, WindowMode:=acDialog

End If

If DCount("*", "qryNotificationsLC") > 0 Then

DoCmd.OpenForm "frmNotificationsLC", WindowMode:=acDialog

End If

End Sub

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How about putting each succeeding Form open event on the close event of the previous form?  

that is a good idea. I didnt think of that. I would prefer to have all the code in the main form though.
Agreed, but sometimes plan B works when plan A, which would be more elegant doesn't.

I will take a look tomorrow, but I'm not confident you can control the opening of the downstream forms that way, although I agree that opening a form with the dialog mode is supposed to suspend processing of subsequent.
OK. FYI: I do have the forms as pop up and modal. Let me know if you have any other ideas. thank you
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actually there are Errors in your code!
did you disable error checking?

see your sample:

DoCmd.OpenForm "frmNotifications", WindowMode:=acDialog

did you noticed what is wrong?
if not then, here you define WindowMode:=acDialog, but, did you define the FormName?

should be:

DoCmd.OpenForm FormName:="frmNotifications", WindowMode:=acDialog


for the acFormDS form:


DoCmd.OpenForm FormName:="frmNotificationsDateCheck", View:=acFormDS, WindowMode:=acDialog

do it with the rest of your code.

Arnel, that did it. Perfect. thank you again for the help!