One field generates subfields?

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Beginner here not sure how to word what I'm looking for. I'm starting with a product number field that will generate another set of corresponding numbers (fields). The thing is that it may be only a 2nd set of numbers or it could be dozens of sets of numbers all corresponding to the original product number. Can I set up a form where the user can have that option to enter as many sets as necessary? Please feel free to reach out for further explanation. 

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This sounds like it is similar to a Bill of Materials situation.

Check out the BoM download on Ken Sheriden's Download site.

The key here is that your TABLE structure has to be set up properly to support this adequately.

Start there, then look into an interface to implement it.

This is the right idea. Although I'm having a little trouble figuring out how the data is entered for this to work. I'll play with the table structure. Thanks for the direction.




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@Mannyg024 Ken is a major contributor at Microsoft Answers. I'm sure any followups posted there would get his personal attention.

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I'm trying something different, but now I've run into a new set of problems. I was wondering if you could point me in the right direction.