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Hi all,
I need to renew MS Office 365 subscription. Currently I have an Office365 personal license.
Is MS Access still included in 2022 Office365 personal license?
Many thanks
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You'll find the multitude of options on this site.

I have stopped trying to keep track of which version(s) include Access and which don't (partly joking I guess). It looks like MS 365 Personal does NOT include Access, but your best bet is to ask for support from that site, not here. We are primarily volunteers trying to help other developers with problems using Access, not necessarily with purchasing it.



Yes, Personal includes Access. It's just as hidden as in my usual Family example in all the presentations where I complain about MSFT's poor marketing for Access. ;) On the Personal web page scroll down to the section "Additional benefits and services " where you will find Access as the last benefit.


Access DevCon:
Access FAQ:

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Thanks a lot Karl

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Thanks, Karl.
I'm going to bookmark this for future reference.