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In Access 2019 i'm getting this message in the Table

"one or more values are prohibited by the validation rule "Not Blank" set for tblcpphone. Enter a value that the expression for this field cam accept. I've tried to fix but I cant even open the design

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Let's start at the top. Did you create this Access relational database application yourself? If so, you indicated, at the time, that one or more fields in this table must have a value. You tried to save a new record with no value(s) in the field(s) with that property set. 


What error message do you get when you try to open the table in design view? The error messages help identify the problem, so including that in the question helps others understand the problem.


It would be useful to know if this application is split into a front end accdb and a back end accdb. That's almost always the most appropriate way to deploy an Access relational database application. If so, are you trying to open the table in design view in the front end or in the back end.


Finally, when you tried unsuccessfully to open the table in design view, was a form or report which is bound that table already open?

@George Hepworth 


I just opened the access table which looks fine,

 I opened the input form sand tried to make a change which results in the Not Blank validation in the table. Then I click on the Home tab and get a sound and the error message wiggles. I click ok in the message and try to save the change and the error comes back.


 I created the access table from an Excel spreadsheet and also created the input form. I don’t remember setting a validation rule in the Table and can’t find it. The fields are no Blank.


I use W10 home on my acre laptop.







I am not sure we are on the same page. 


You say that you opened the table  "which looks fine". That's an evaluation, not a description of what you see. We need the description. Best is a screenshot. We're interested in the properties of the  table itself, not the data, actually.


You also say, "get a sound and the error message wiggles". We don't need to know about the wiggling, we need to know what the error message says. Again, a screenshot would be best. 


I should have stressed how important it is to know if this is a split application, with tables in one accdb and forms in another. I know I asked, but didn't insist on an answer. It's important to diagnosing the problem.


That's also true for the other question. I asked but didn't insist on an answer. It's important. Is the form open at the time you try to change the table to design view?