Number of simultaneous users allowed to access database

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Hi All, So far I have designed access applications for less tha 20 users. Now I have a requirement to develop something wherein users are around 130. I am thinking to develop front end using excel and back end using access database. However I am concerned whether such huge number of users are allowed or not. In total these 130 users will make around 21000 read write operations in a day . Need expert advise over it. Thanks in advance
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Theoretically, Access can have 255 simultaneous users. The reality is quite different and depends on a multitude of factor, network, server, ... Typically, we'd say a maximum of 40 is pushing things. I have a db with 80 or so users and I know of developers who have broken the 100 users, but they are the very rare exception. With the numbers you mention of be turning to an alternate rdms (SQL server, Azure, MySQL, ...) And wouldn't even consider Access. I also would never create an interface using Excel! Use Access for the interface, or web technologies (PHP, .net, ...).
Thanks Daniel. Due to licence issues organisation is not allowing us to use .net and sql server. I need to figure out something with excel and access only.
Excel is not a good choice!

Using Access for such a task is asking for problems.

Your organisation needs to be told these are the wrong tools, otherwise you are being setup for failure!

There are free tools that can be used to get around licensing, but Excel and Access are simply won't in this scenario.

Hi  @sunilchy ,

I developed many Access applications for corporate users. I agree with @Daniel_Pineault.

Excel is best used for calculating, analyzing, and visualizing financial data. Access And Excel better together  if you use Access as the data source for displaying data temporarily in Excel. Excel is NOT a relational database, it's a flat table and not designed as a front-end to enter and store data! There are much more benefits if you choose Access as the front-end, please see this Access VS Excel.