not delete data if linked data source is deleted

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Hi everyone.  Have a bit of a problem I'm hoping to get help with.


I have a SharePoint list that has reached it's 5k limit and it's causing me some issues.  I'm hoping I can link the SP list to Access  and use Access as the main storage place for everything and then delete items on the SharePoint list that is 60 days and older but not delete the item that is in the Access db.


Access and SP need to be fully linked so if any updates are made to the SP items, except for deletion, tare also made to the Access back up.


Is this possible

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@Bryan123Just a quick thought. How about if you make an archive table in Access that has the older data, a sharepoint list linked table and use a union query for any presentation of the whole set of data. 


Just a thought. 



Import the table to Access, link the table also to a second table and then make a add query to add the newest data to the normal table from the online table. Run a second query to delete all the records what is older then 90 days in the online table.


One thing to mention. The database will online not schrink, the size will remain the same. Only if you compact it, it will get a smaller size. This information in case it is the filesize what is limited.